In the wake of the deadly fire yesterday that killed three people, the Fire Department has released a checklist to help save lives in case of a fire.

These points are for one- and two-family dwellings but people living in apartments can use them, too.

They include:

_ Have a fire-escape plan that all members know and follow;

_ Have at least one smoke alarm on each floor of the residence;

_ Ensure you have proper circuits and outlets for heavy-duty appliances. This is crucial, as many fires start with the misuse of space and kerosene heaters.

_ Keep all combustible materials away from open heat or flames. This includes paint, varnish and aerosol propellants.

_ Keep stove tops clear of all greasy deposits. They can easily spark, leading to a lethal grease fire.

_ Keep all lighters and matches away from children.

_ Never leave a space heater or candles burning while sleeping.

In you cannot afford a smoke detector, the Fire Department will provide one for free, and will send out someone to install and test it.

To obtain a free smoke detector, visit your local firehouse or call 215-686-1176. *