Stacy Glick had her hands full as she crossed busy Bustleton Avenue last Wednesday morning.

Glick, who is 5 months pregnant, carried her 2-year-old son in her arms as she hurried across the five-lane road near Bowler Street shortly before 7 a.m.

Out of nowhere, a Nissan Altima ran through a red light on Bustelton Avenue and hurtled towards the defenseless mother.

Police said the Altima's passenger side-view mirror clipped Glick, 24, in the hip, and knocked her to the cold hard pavement.

While stunned onlookers watched in horror, the driver sped away, leaving the pregnant mom and her toddler sprawled out on the highway.

Amazingly, police said, Glick, her son and her unborn baby are all OK.

Glick had minor injuries to her hip and pelvis, and her young son checked out fine.

Detectives, meanwhile, would like to see the heartless driver behind the hit-and-run accident locked up.

Capt. Michael Murphy, head of the police Accident Investigation Division, said cops are looking for a silver 1998 to 2001 Altima.

The car is missing its passenger side-view mirror, which broke off when it hit Glick.

Murphy said there might also be scuffs and minor dents on the front passenger side door.

Anyone with information about the accident or the car can contact AID at 215-685-3180. *