You would think those of us on a daily regimen of pills would always have on hand a bottle of water along with a stocked pill dispenser.  But traveling complicates matters, especially in places where bottled water is essential.  Sometimes I just assume I'll be able to buy a bottle along my route, only to be out of luck.  But what if I made sure I always started the day (or better yet, made sure the night before) that I had on hand a full bottle of water and a loaded pill dispenser — ideally placed together ready to go? A company called Asobu has gone one better with the all-in-one Pill Organizer Bottle.  A plastic pill dispenser with seven snap-open compartments slides snuggly into (and out of) a niche on the outside of a wide-mouth 20-ounce BPA-free plastic water bottle.  The screw-on top doubles as a portable 6.5-ounce cup.  Tiny plastic pegs built into the bottle keep it from rolling around while you are removing pills or refilling compartments. Each compartment is embossed with a raised initial (as well as braille equivalent) for the day of the week.  Just make sure to fill the bottle with water, ideally the night before,  and confirm your pills also are loaded up, then head out prepared.  The bottle I tested did not leak or crack (a particular concern, as pills were "attached" and the plastic pill dispenser is not watertight. If you are worried about the pills getting wet, just slide the dispenser out and carry it separately.  The Asobu Pill Organizer Bottle is transparent, with a choice of five colors for the matching screw-top-cup and pill dispenser: black, blue, yellow, red, or pink.  The pill compartments are on the small side, so you won't be able to load them with multiple large capsules.  There's no provision for pills taken at different times of the day (although you could carry 1 or 2 day's worth if you rigged up a stick-on labeling system that changed the day of the week to the time of day. I wish the bottle had a handle or carry strap.  Many companies sell pouches and straps designed to carry water bottles, so you could buy that separately, but perhaps a future model will have one already attached.

Asobu Pill Organizer Bottle is $12.99 at as well as from other online retailers.