Is there anything more refreshing than a cold beverage on a hot beach day? How about some sand in that? Not your idea of a great mixed drink? But how do you keep out those gritty grains when you set down your cup - even if it doesn't tip over and dump the contents? Just spike it - not with booze, but with the Spiker Sand Drink Holder. The bottom half of this 8-inch-high-by-4-inch-diameter heavy-duty plastic cup holder has four integrated slats that anchor into the sand with a twist of the wrist, steadying and elevating the cup holder top above the surface. The Spiker is just the right size for a can of beer or soda, pint or quart bottle, or tapered plastic cup. The Spiker can also do the dirty work of keeping sunglasses, phones, keys, and other small stuff clean and dry (assuming nobody kicks up sand or shakes a towel too close). At only a third of a pound, the Spiker (or even a passel of them) won't weigh down your beach bag. On solid turf, Spikers can serve and protect on counter tops, tables, even wedged between sofa cushions (just make sure they're not vulnerable to plopper-downers or free-ranging dogs, cats, or toddlers. The Spiker is available online and at chain stores and gift shops, sold individually or in multicolor multipacks (it's made in 26 bright colors).

Spiker Sand Drink Holders are about $10 apiece and in multicolor multipacks at a discount. Information is at