International travelers often are unpleasantly surprised to discover that food markets abroad may not supply shopping carts, or even bags. What a great time to have on hand one of Picnic Time's lightweight collapsible baskets. The 15.8-by-8.5-by-10-inch Urban Basket has a stationary aluminum handle against which the polyester body folds, accordionlike, to 2 inches thick, secured with a snap closure. A removable inner padded "floorboard" provides extra stability flattened; or fold up half the panel to divide the basket into two sections. The Urban Basket comes in red, black, and dark blue. The more feature-packed Metro Basket (19 by 10 by 11 inches) has dual aluminum handles that fold up from an aluminum frame. The insulated polyester canvas basket has a zippered external pocket and an integrated expandable drawstring top for keeping contents covered and secure. To collapse it, just detach the four Velcro-closure flaps that secure the basket to the frame, and fold down the handles.

The Metro Basket comes in a wide range of colors, from lime to red to multicolor stripes.

Picnic Time Urban Basket is $24.99; Metro Basket, $35.95 at