Travelers seeking new ways to carry their valuables hands-free have an innovative option in the Sholdit Pocketed Wrap Scarf. Basically a long tube scarf with a large zippered pocket, the Sholdit can hold pretty much whatever your neck can bear (notebook computers not recommended). Double- wrap the scarf with the pocket just below your neck and slide the empty section under the loaded one to avoid sagging. The Sholdit comes in two styles. The Basic Sholdit is 31 inches around and 10 inches wide, with one 9-by-8-inch zippered pocket. You get to choose from a range of patterns and colors, and a variety of textures, from a featherweight polyester to a slightly heavier, fleecelike poly blend. The Original Sholdit, in black, has two pockets - a 9-by-7-inch main compartment, and a 5-inch-square pocket meant to carry a cellphone at hip level when the 30-inch-long scarf is worn full-length. A cinch toggle lets you fine-tune the fit at your side when the Sholdit is worn like a sling. Both models can be converted into a simple clutch bag by folding the scarf into the main zippered pocket.

Sholdit Pocketed Original Wrap Scarf is about $50; Basic style is $30 to $60, depending on texture and material blend; at