Here's an around-the-world online travel guide curated by designers and other creative types.


What it does: The website gives an intimate view of cities as portrayed by local artists, photographers, designers, stylists, filmmakers, Web developers, and others.

What's hot: Despite the name, this is a neighborhood guide, not just a city guide. The focus on local restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, sweetshops, lodging, health and fitness, art and culture, tech, and more is a refreshing take on traditional guidebooks. You don't want to miss "All Places," a drop-down menu that lets you filter the "note cards" to access information you want, the map with pins indicating specific destinations, and the creators' website links. More cities launch weekly.

What's not: I wanted to be able to build my own list based on the recommendations. If there was a "favorite" function or list-building tool, I couldn't find it.