DEAR ABBY: My husband lost his job more than a year ago because his plant closed. He was almost retirement age, so he took an early retirement. The problem is he isn't adjusting well to the change.

He has his hobbies, but he seems to have lost interest in them. He is angry a lot of the time and lost at other times. I understand it's a huge adjustment for him, but I'm concerned that it has been going on too long. I know he's depressed but he denies it. He doesn't want to spend money for counseling.

I'm at a loss about what to do to help him. He reads your column regularly, and I think he would take seriously any advice you could offer.

- Concerned Wife in Michigan

DEAR CONCERNED WIFE: Retirement is not for everyone. That's why it's so important that before a person retires, he or she have a plan in place for staying mentally and physically active.

Your husband may have valuable skills he could pass on by mentoring others. He could volunteer in the community, deliver meals to shut-ins, coach youngsters' sports, or help out at the police department or a hospital. He can donate as little or as much time as he wants. But first, he will have to admit that he needs an outlet. Please make sure he sees this column.

DEAR ABBY: I'm 12, and my mom and dad have been fighting. I saw something Mom left on our computer she had been looking at, and the title was "How to Let Go of Emotions During the Divorce Process." I don't know if my parents are getting a divorce or not, but what can I do to prevent it?

- Confused Preteen

DEAR CONFUSED: Tell your mother you saw the article she left on the computer, and ask her if she and your dad are separating. If the answer is yes, tell her you hope they're getting counseling. Much as you might like to, there is nothing you can "do" to head this off because their problem has only to do with them and not you.