WHEN TATTLE heard that "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham made a sex tape with porn star James Deen and then lied about it (pretending that it was a secret sex tape that no one was supposed to see), we thought, what kind of message does lying send to your young daughter?

We already know what kind of message the tape sends.

But a 21-year-old single mom has to take care of her kid, so Farrah has sold the tape to Vivid Entertainment for an undisclosed amount - rumored to be close to $1 million, but who knows.

The X-rated video will be called "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."


Vivid says the 70-minute movie (porn aficionados give it one thumb way up) will be available at Vivid.com on Monday and in stores May 14, unfortunately two days late for Mother's Day.

Vivid boss Steven Hirsch said: "We went after this movie as vigorously as any sex tape we've ever pursued. We felt it was definitely worth it, not only because of Farrah's popularity, but because the footage itself is amazing."

Four-year-old Sophia must be so proud.

Just don't leave "Backdoor Teen Mom" too close to the Wiggles DVDs.

We're not sure what the pay scale for celebrity sex tapes is - or even what a celebrity is - but if a has-been MTV personality can command close to seven digits for working her partner's eleventh digit, what kind of money could a real star garner?

Tattle book watch

The surviving members of the Beastie Boys - Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz - have wrapped up a deal with Spiegel & Grau, an imprint of Random House, to pen a book celebrating their hip-hop history.

The yet-to-be titled tome is set for release in fall 2015.

You've got to fight/for your right/to read.

* Temple's Tom Sizemore has a new memoir out, By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There (Atria, $26), about his drug abuse, battles with the law and girlfriends such as Heidi Fleiss and Juliette Lewis.

Of Lewis, whom he dated for four months when she was 19 and they were making "Natural Born Killers," he said that most of their relationship was spent in bed, fueled by drugs and porn.


* Country star Jason Aldean filed for divorce from his wife, Jessica, on Friday afternoon in Williamson County, Tenn., citing - what else? - irreconcilable differences. The two met in high school and have been married since August 2001.

"This is a really tough time for my entire family," Aldean said in a statement yesterday afternoon. "Jessica and I have been together since we were teenagers. We've been through a lot of ups and downs over the years as we grew up together as a couple. She will always be important to me because she is the mother of my children, and I know that we will both always make our daughters our No. 1 priority."

* Pinewood, the British film-studio home to the James Bond franchise, announced plans yesterday for its first U.S. movie production facility at a site near Atlanta.

The large-scale film complex will be called Pinewood Atlanta, and Pinewood will manage the facility under an agreement with a group of private investors. Plans call for the studio to be developed on 288 acres south of Atlanta in Fayette County. It will include at least five soundstages as well as production offices.

The Pinewood project is a huge coup for Georgia and opens the state to major big-budget films that need large studio space. Although Pinewood Studios has an office in Los Angeles, it chose the Southeast for its first U.S. production facility.

Last year, productions filmed in Georgia generated an estimated $3.1 billion in economic activity, a 29 percent increase from the year before. TV shows, such as AMC's "The Walking Dead," film in Georgia, and the "Hunger Games" sequel recently wrapped up in locations around Atlanta.

* In "Biggest Loser" news, local trainer extraordinaire Kimberly Garrison will talk with TV trainer extraordinaire Jillian Michaels in Workout Wednesday's Daily News.

In other "Biggest Loser" news, the show is looking for Philadelphians who've been fighting a losing battle against their waistlines.

Charismatic individuals who have at least 80 pounds to drop are encouraged to apply for the new season. For application details, go to nbc.com/casting and thebiggestlosercasting.com.

People will not be allowed to line up before three hours before the start of the open call, which will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. May 11 at the Shops at Liberty Place (1625 Chestnut). Candidates should bring a nonreturnable photo of themselves.

The entrance for the casting call will be at the Market Street Courtyard, fittingly by Au Bon Pain.

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