Here are the potential preseason fraud five candidates:

Because it's never really too early. And when does the top five on Sept. 1 ever resemble the rankings on Dec. 1? Anyway . . .

1. Boise State: Expectations are pretty much a BCS title-game appearance. That's a lot to put on any group, particularly one that finds itself in this once-in-a-whatever position.

2.Texas Christian: See Boise State, only to a somewhat lesser degree.

3. Ohio State: Just because when you're No. 2, there's usually nowhere to go but south. The Buckeyes get Miami at home on Sept. 11, but have to go to Wisconsin in October and to Iowa in November. So just how many of those really big tilts have these guys taken lately?

4. Flordia: Urban Meyer's one of the best, but he does have to find a way without Tim Tebow and a whole bunch of defensive starters. The Gators travel to Alabama and Florida State. They'll get Georgia in Jacksonville and Louisiana State and South Carolina in Gainesville.

5. Atlantic Coast Conference: What has this precinct given anyone in the last decade? For the most part, too many three-loss teams. And don't even bring up that BCS bowl record. It's downright pathetic.

Honorable Mention: Lane Kiffin. For a guy who hasn't done much of anything except lose, bend the rules, make enemies and embarrass himself, he sure got himself a good gig. If, of course, you overlook all those NCAA sanctions. Now all he has to do is do something with it.