BOBSLED PILOTS JOHN Napier and Mike Kohn represented the U.S. in the Olympics. Now, they're ready to serve their country in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Napier is a member of Vermont's National Guard unit that already has been deployed. Kohn is hoping to attend the Army's Officer Candidate School and then serve.

There is no guarantee either will make it overseas, but both would willingly go.

"John and I have the same perspective," Kohn told the Associated Press. "It's a small price to pay to be able to not only live in such a great country, but to be able to represent it at the Olympic Games. I will walk through fire if I have to to continue to live in such a great country and support it as much as I can."

If the Army is looking for a few good men, they've found two of the best.

Net profits come from net results

Seems the U.S. vs. Canada gold-medal game has helped boost interest in the sport. That, according to, means you can expect brokers and season ticketholders to charge more on the secondary or resale markets.

Ticket prices for teams that have the biggest Olympic stars have generally increased in value.

The average price for tickets to see the Predators and Red Wings, for example, have risen over 10 percent, followed by the Sharks (9.56), Penguins (9.14) and Blues (8).

Hmmm. Think brokers will lower ticket prices for teams whose Olympians flopped?

Korver's three-mendous honor

Sixers fans remember Kyle Korver as a decent player who could hit the "three."

Fans of the Missouri Valley Conference remember him for a whole lot more.

Korver, who set the MVC record for treys while at Creighton, has been voted the top player in Arch Madness history.

He was selected from 58 members of the all-tournament teams that played in Arch Madness, which is celebrating its 20th year in St. Louis.

- Tom Mahon