The Sporting News

for catching what has commonly become known as an "epic fail."

Posted on the Minnesota Vikings' Web site Sunday night just before the end of NFC Championship Game vs. the Saints, the franchise mistakenly crowned itself the 2010 NFC champions.


In case you live under a rock, Brett Favre and the Vikings did in fact lose, 31-28, in an overtime thriller after Saints kicker Garrett Hartley booted a 40-yarder to secure New Orleans' trip to the Super Bowl in Miami.

We first caught a glimpse of the blunder on a Yahoo Sports report; if you do a keyword search for Minnesota Vikings, you'll find it, too.

The writers at Yahoo made a pretty good funny to coincide with an image of the Web site mistake when they quipped:

"At least the graphic artist is quite knowledgeable of the Vikings and didn't put a securely-held ball in Adrian Peterson's hands."

In passing

Tidbits seen or heard this week (and it's only Wednesday):

* The boys' varsity basketball team at

the Hill School, a private high school located in Pottstown, played Penn's JV team Monday. As in the University of Pennsylvania. The Hill School won, 74-65.

* In speaking with the media following his team's first training session, Union manager Peter Nowak noted that he is evaluating all 22 players. Currently, the Union roster count stands at 19 - so expect breaking news in the next few days.

* The words of Patrick Smith, sportswriter for The Australian:

"Serena Williams appeared on court wrapped in more bandages than the "English Patient." She had more bling, too, than your average well-to-do rap performer. The champion is larger than life, certainly larger than her profile records, a diminutive 68kg [149.9 lbs]. They should weigh her other thigh next time."

- Kerith Gabriel