Sep 14, 2009

Now that Corey Brown has watched the Ohio State Buckeyes, he wants to help 'em.

Brown, a star senior football player - rusher, receiver, d-back, returner, anything else you want? - at Cardinal O'Hara High, has made an oral commitment after spending a memorable weekend on campus.

The 6-1, 185-pound Brown rode to Ohio on Saturday with his mother and brother, Delene and Courtney Williams (star rusher for George Washington's 2004 Public League champs), and O'Hara junior quarterback Ryan Laughlin. Then the group sat at the 50-yard line, eight rows up, to watch the Buckeyes fall to Southern Cal, 18-15, in a game witnessed by 106,033.

The fun was only continuing as the game progressed.

"It was unbelievable," Brown said. "Just walking up to the stadium was cool. There was a bunch of us - possible recruits - with friends and family members. Everyone knew who we were. People were yelling my name. Wanting me to sign autographs.

"I don't know how many I signed, but even grown men were asking for 'em. "

Brown said his mother told Ohio State personnel that Corey had made an oral commitment just before the return trip began yesterday morning.

He said he confirmed things during a cell-phone call from the highway.

"This was my first time to Ohio State," said Brown, who now lives in Upper Darby but spent a chunk of his youth in Oxford Circle and was a pound-ball star in the city. "I didn't know what to expect. But with the way I was treated, and from what I saw, I kept thinking, 'It can't get much better than this. ' "

Brown's final five had also included West Virginia, Pitt, Rutgers and Miami.

"I was blessed to be wanted like this," he said. "It was getting so intense, though. It feels good to have the decision made, so now I can put full concentration into our season and my academics. "

Said O'Hara coach Danny Algeo: "Corey said he's comfortable and happy. "

Brown, for now, has no idea where he'll play at Ohio State.

"They said I can pick my position," he said. "I'm not sure which one [to try]. I'll see how things look when I get there."