The Eagles Fitz

Watching the Fox pregame show, and wondering how long this yuk-fest format will endure. If I wanted to see a handful of old guys in garish vestments gesturing wildly and saying little of importance on Sundays, I'd go to church.


Could have saved myself an hour of pain. CBS apparently doesn't think much of this matchup. Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots? Now it's three hours of pain. What, Jamie Farr and Gary Bender weren't available? Eagles look better right off the bat. Sheldon Brown isn't wearing a mask.

A bad feeling

I'm a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan and I hate games like this - the ones you're supposed to win at home. It's custom-built for a disappointment. I recall hundreds of heartbreaks in situations like this - Game 4 of the '77 NLCS, Games 1 and 2 of the '78 NLCS, the Redskins' skunking of Buddy Ryan's last Eagles team in an NFC playoff at the Vet, the 76ers losing to the Celtics on 67 different occasions.

First Quarter

Haley is back

As the Cardinals' offensive coordinator, Todd Haley made Jim Johnson's defense look confused and toothless last January in Arizona. Now that he's the head coach in K.C., let's see what he does vs. Sean McDermott. Will we see the aggressive and opportunistic defense of Week 1 or the overmatched and out-of-sync unit that collapsed against New Orleans? Based on the early pressure the front four is getting, they look more like the former. Eagles employing Wildcat often in second series. Haven't seen this must single-wing in a pro game since Pete Gray played outfield for the St. Louis Browns.

Anonymous broadcasters

All those people who don't like Joe Buck and Troy Aikman ought to be made to watch Harlan and Wilcots. . . . Wow, guess I had little reason to worry. The Chiefs appear to have neither an offensive nor defensive line. . . . Matt Cassel might need a moat before this game is through.

Second quarter

Midgame miscellany

Is it possible for the Eagles to run a special-teams play without a penalty? . . . Fourth-and-1, and Reid decides to pass. It's incomplete, of course. How many Kolb passes have been deflected in his brief tenure? . . . Chiefs respond with a touchdown, of course. . . . Like the Sony commercial with Justin Timberlake, Peyton Manning, and Amy Sedaris. . . . Promo says Linda Hunt and LL Cool J are costarring in CBS's NCIS: L.A. Producers' first choice was Lunt and Fontanne. . . . Harlan says stadium is in "downtown Philly." If only . . .


Todd Haley must see Brent Celek in his nightmares, which, by the look of the woeful Chiefs, occur weekly. . . . Poor Tamba Hali. He was a quality player and a character guy at Penn State. He'll have both traits tested with the Chiefs. . . . Vick didn't have much to do in the first half as the Eagles rolled to a 24-7 lead. As a I write, the Redskins are getting beat by the Lions. Wouldn't that be sweet?

Third Quarter

Terrible turf

Should the Linc's playing surface be so chopped up after just 11/2 games there? My backyard used to look better, and I had males, voles, and four kids. At this rate, by December it probably will resemble Karakung's rough. Is creating a quality playing surface so difficult? Penn State, which has one of the nation's top turf-management programs, is only a couple of hours away. Have somebody make the trip with a truck load of sod. . . . Kolb looks adequate, nothing more. . . . You catch that black-and-white Levi's commercial? Did I miss something? Like a point? It was an incomprehensible cross between an avant-garde art film and something a 12-year-old might post on YouTube.

Fourth Quarter

A defenseless Cassel

If anyone still doesn't believe the system is more valuable than the player, I give you Matt Cassel. An all-pro-caliber QB with the Patriots, he will soon be a cripple with the Chiefs. . . . Any chance the Eagles can get moved into the AFC West? . . . Wilcots just said, "The Eagle has landed" again. Make him stop!

End game

Looks like Jeff Garcia will come into the game. He fumbled the second snap. That, my dear radio-callers, is why Kolb is starting. . . . 34-14 final. All I can say is whew! Not sure what I'll do next Sunday with the Eagles being off. Wonder what game Harlan and Wilcots will be doing.

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