Here are the six plays in which Michael Vick appeared on the field for the Eagles' last night:


* 14:49: 2nd-and-10 from Eagles' 27

Formation: Donovan McNabb lines up wide right, Vick lines up in shotgun. Three-wide receiver formation with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Kevin Curtis. Jackson lined up in backfield along with LeSean McCoy.

Play: Vick completes shovel pass to McCoy for gain of 4 yards.

* 12:18: 1st-and-10 from Eagles' 33

Formation: McNabb out of game. Vick in shotgun.

Play: Fakes handoff to McCoy and runs left where he is stopped by DE Derrick Harvey after gain of 1 yard.

* 10:32: 2nd-and-8 from Eagles' 45

Formation: Vick lines up in left slot. Jackson lined up wide left and Curtis wide right.

Play: McNabb faked a quick pass to Vick and handed the ball off to McCoy, who gained 6 yards. But play was wiped out by holding penalty on Brent Celek.

* 7:40: 1st-and-10 from Jaguars' 27

Formation: McNabb out. Vick lines up in shotgun. Four wide receivers. Curtis and Jason Avant on left side and Hank Baskett and Jackson on right side.

Play: Vick completes 13-yard pass to Baskett at Jacksonville 13.

* 3:00: 2nd-and-10 from Eagles' 28

Formation: McNabb out. Vick lines up in shotgun. Four-wide receiver set with Maclin, Jackson, Curtis and Avant.

Play: Vick completes quick screen to Jackson on right side, but Curtis missed his block on CB Sean Considine and play went for no gain.


* 12:36: 2nd-and-15 from Eagles' 20

Formation: McNabb lines up wide left. Maclin and Jackson also in game, along with McCoy.

Play: Vick completes pass to McCoy for 2-yard gain.