There have been some questions about whether several guys are healthy enough to participate in this weekend's first mandatory minicamp. In a radio interview [Monday], Tom Heckert said that Jack Ikegwuonu, who spent all of last year on IR, is cleared to practice 100 percent in this minicamp and will be participating in the full practices.

There has been some rumors that Cornelius Ingram may be still be suffering effects from his knee injury last year. Some rumors even suggested that he may need a second surgery. However, Ingram himself said [Monday] that he feels fine and will be participating in the full practice.

Another thing Ingram said, which I found very interesting, was when he was asked by the hosts in a radio interview if he'd heard how passionate Philly fans could be. He said that during his private visit the coaches said people will cheer you one minute, but if you drop a pass they'll get you quick. Ingram laughed about it, but I can't help but think whether it was a test.

I wonder if they said it to see how he'd react? An important part of the evaluation process has to be finding out whether a guy has thick enough skin to play in this town.

To: Freddie Mitchell

Freddie, you were one of the best receivers in Eagles history. Its a shame you were not used properly when you were here and then couldn't stay in the league. You should still be playing.

Why don't you play anymore? Do teams just not recognize your immense talent? I mean, in your incredible career you made so many spectacular plays. The videos on this site prove that.

Thanks! I hope to play again. . . . I am training everyday and am at 100 percent. I wake up every day missing the smell of the football field.

Pens were better team

It's a constant struggle for me to look at the Flyers objectively. It makes sense, I guess. How could I when I'm rooting so hard for them? But the cold, hard truth is that the Flyers are not a good team. We've let ourselves think they are for two years now, and last season's surprising postseason run fueled our fire, but they're not.

After the 2006-07 season, we wanted to believe it so badly, but it's just not true. The Penguins are a better team than the Flyers. That being said, I wouldn't necessarily say they have a better cast of individual players in their lineup, just a better team when you look at them all in. And that's a tough pill to swallow.

I think where we all get hung up is that the Flyers have such great individual players.