THREE MORE PEOPLE were added to High & Inside's Hall of Shame over the weekend.

The trio, all of Vineland, N.J., were arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing an autographed photo of Sixers guard Willie Green that was being auctioned at a charity event for a very sick 9-year-old boy.

The names of those arrested, according to Vineland's Daily Journal, are Leslie Giovanelli, 34, Adam Scull, 29, and Marlo Scull, 25.

Leslie Giovanelli and Adam Scull have been charged with theft and conspiracy to commit theft. Marlo, who is Adam's wife, has been charged with tampering with evidence.

Police say the threesome took the photograph while attending a benefit for Michael Barner at the Big Apple Cafe in Buena, N.J., on April 18. Barner suffers from severe aplastic anemia, a rare blood disorder.

In the end, the photo was returned to the rightful owner. But, the case has more twists and turns than Lincoln Drive and jail time is a possibility.

Police also said that the trio admitted to being intoxicated while at the event.

What a surprise.

How the mighty have fallen

One-hundred-and-seventy-six picks.

That's how long it took for someone from the University of Miami to be selected in NFL draft. The Atlanta Falcons eventually selected Hurricanes linebacker Spencer Adkins in the sixth round with the 176th pick overall.

Prior to this year, a Miami player had been selected in the first round in 14 consecutive drafts.

Remembering the real 'Rocky'

Long before Sylvester Stallone, there was a real boxer named Rocky. His last name was Marciano, and on this date in 1956 he retired as the undefeated heavyweight champion with a record of 49-0 and 43 knockouts. *

- Tom Mahon