Pretty good Eagles draft

The drafting of WR Jeremy Maclin also likely means the Eagles are not going to acquire Anquan Boldin unless they move one of the receivers already on their roster to get him.

The selection of Maclin is a bit curious because the Eagles really don't have a need for another receiver like him, but the team doesn't really have any glaring needs that absolutely must be addressed in the draft.

The Eagles don't really have any holes anyway, although many would have preferred if they picked up a possession receiver rather than another speedster.

This is exactly why I argued against Knowshon Moreno all week. We got an explosive wide receiver in the first [round] and . . . in the second we're getting a guy who has all the tools to be an effective running back in this scheme, who probably isn't that much less highly touted than Moreno.

This draft is working out ridiculously well.

So we got a guy who wasn't supposed to be on the board when we are picking in the 1st round in Maclin and a guy who wasn't supposed to be around in the second round in McCoy. I don't see how you can be upset with what the Eagles did.

Maclin and McCoy is better than the combo you would have gotten of Donald Brown or Wells and whoever they would have taken in the second.

And for those who wanted Boldin, that would have been a short term win-now gamble approach. Getting Maclin with Jackson already here is a long-term plan for continued success.

Maclin was absolutely the best value at 19, and McCoy is a great talent that I can see fitting very nicely in this offense. The Birds really didn't need a big power back, as they picked up Weaver (good lord, a true fullback!) to take care of those third-and-1 situations. All in all, I'm pretty pumped with how this has shaped up so far.

If they don't get Peters last week, this draft is totally different. But with the line set, and the D still solid, drafting value picks who will fit well in the West Coast is smart.

Left tackle: check

Right tackle: check

fullback: check

WR: provisional check (but the more I hear, the better I feel)

RB: I'll go with a check

Combine the free agents plus draft, I'd say this is one of the better off-seasons recently.

Jeremy Maclin will be a great complement to our WR corps, and LeSean McCoy will be a great complement to B-West.

I'm actually looking forward to EAGLES season, on the first day of drafting for the first time, in a long time.

Having watched McCoy for almost every game during his career at Pitt, I can honestly say I think this is the steal of the draft. Going to be a great complement to Westbrook for his first couple seasons and a legit first string back for the remainder of his career.

Mortenson said that Boldin wants a 4-5 year deal, 10M a year.

No one will ever trade a first-day pick for someone they have to pay that much money. It is stupid. It would be the same bad trade the Cowboys made for Roy Williams.

As far as Wells, he is good value, but he is just the wrong player for the Eagles. He has stone hands and just does not fit.

I guess I just have to reserve judgment on Maclin. In three years we will either love or hate this pick. There will be no in-between.