What a shot

We'll call it the 76ers Shuffle. It's that continued one step forward-one step back inertia of their season. Heading into the all-star break, they were sitting at a season-high three games over .500 at 27-24. Now after [Monday] night's crushing 98-96 loss to the New Jersey Nets, the Sixers are back down below the .500 mark. Again. With 1.8 seconds left in the game, the Nets inbounded the ball to Devin Harris, who somehow made it to half court for a final heave with roughly .000001 seconds on the clock. If you thought the vintage Dirk Nowitzki turn-around jumper at the buzzer that pushed Dallas past Philly earlier this season was heartbreaking, then Harris' shot would be enough to kill you. I've watched the replay over and over again, and it's tough to fathom that Harris actually got the shot off in that short of time, but the replay proves it. What you can't tell is if Andre Iguodala, who played about as perfect defense as you can in the situation, actually knocked the ball loose from Harris. If he didn't, then it would be the WORST case of uncalled traveling in NBA history.

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Who's out there?

Donovan [McNabb] wants playmakers. We fans want playmakers. But honestly, is there anyone out there worthy of a big money deal? Look for yourself. Running backs: Derrick Ward, Maurice Morris, Cedric Benson, Tatum Bell, Fred Taylor, LaMont Jordan. Honestly, from the FA running backs Correll Buckhalter might be the best option for the Eagles outside the draft.

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