While praying that Wax pulls off a Wing Bowl miracle today, it's time to look inside the e-mail bag . . .

I actually saw Jeff Lurie being interviewed for that article. When he got choked up and pulled out that $1,000,000 bill and blew his nose into it really . . . (sniff) . . . excuse me . . . got to me, ya know?

- Kerry


I believe Lurie wants to win. And I'm sure he's disappointed when the Eagles lose.

I just wish people would stop telling us that the players and the front office take it so much harder than we do. I'm not buying it no matter how many nights of sleep they lose.

- Gonzo

Just because the Eagles didn't grow up here doesn't mean they don't care. How long does your depression last when you miss out on yet another Pulitzer? Long enough that you'd refuse to go to the Borgata the next day?

- Gray


You've got me there. Love casinos. Played poker for 12 hours last weekend, which is either impressive or sad. Maybe both.

As for the Pulitzer, I'm hoping they'll add a category for daft Page 2 sports columnists who work in Philadelphia. I bet I could finish in the top five if that happens.

- Gonzo

You wrote: "It was utter nonsense, of course. So are Lurie's crocodile tears about insomnia and how much he hurts deep down. It's nothing but a transparent attempt to curry favor and fit in."

How do you know his tears are reptilian?  If the attempt was so transparent he certainly pulled the wool over my Ivy-league educated, Ph.D.- suffering eyes.

And his attempt to fit in? Does he fit in with the people that trashed Broad Street when the Phillies won the World Series?  Probably not. But neither do I or my friends.

- Ken


I was on Broad Street after the Phillies won the World Series. Saying that people "trashed" it is misleading. You make it sound like they were all mindless savages who left the city in ruin.

Compared to some post-championship celebrations in other cities, that evening was actually fairly tame. (When the Red Sox won the World Series back in 2004, a woman died after riot police shot her in the head with a rubber crowd-control bullet.)

And I like how you dropped in the Ivy Leaguer bit. Very subtle. Maybe some of us didn't go to Princeton or one of+ them other fancy learning places, but when nap time was finished we still got teached how to read and write good.

- Gonzo

Joe Banner has NEVER understood Philly. (Remember "HoagieGate"?) I'm a season ticket holder. There was a "survey" conducted via e-mail during the season, but it didn't ask my opinion about the coach, quarterback, draft, free agency, lack of championships or repeated failures.

- Vincent


A portion of the city will support the team no matter what. But if Banner believes the fans are "overwhelmingly" behind the front office, he's kidding himself.

Then again, there's a lot of that going around. My mother remains convinced that newspapers are important and that people still read. I don't have the heart to tell her the truth.

- Gonzo

I see your point: football is a business for those who get paid for it. For those of us who buy tickets, it's different . . . Wait a minute, how much are you getting paid to write about it? Hmmm, I smell a little hypocrisy.

- T.J.


I'm the Page 2 toady for a daily newspaper. You think they pay me in gold bullion? Ford and Sheridan get the big bucks. I get the leftovers.

I do enjoy the smell of hypocrisy, though. Turns me on.

- Gonzo

I'm guessing you don't pick the pictures, but I almost hurled my Mapo this morning when I saw Joe Banner's smug mug, with sidekick [Howard] Eskin [in the background].

- Jim


You're correct. The editors pick the pictures.

For the record, I'd like to say that editors are some of the finest people I know, and I would never besmirch their good names. On my list of awesomeness, it goes: Jesus, editors, and then Chuck Norris.

- Gonzo

On WIP, Al Morganti put your wing-eater at 50/1 odds and used the words "no shot."  By the Eagles' standards, he'll succeed if he makes it past the first round.

- Anthony


I promise Wax will make it past the first round. I have faith in him.

Huh. I've known him for two decades, and I can honestly say I've never used "faith" and "Wax" in the same sentence before.

- Gonzo

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