Eagles career: A sixth-round pick out of Kent State, Harmon proved every bit of his worth while playing his entire 7-year NFL career here in Philadelphia. His 40 career sacks still rank the most for a defensive tackle in Eagles history. In 1995, Harmon finished the year with 11 total sacks, earning him a spot on the Associated Press All-Pro team along with Eagles defensive end William Fuller and linebacker William Thomas.

Where he is now: Harmon, 39, returned to his hometown of Dayton, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is the owner of Get Quick Training and Equipment, a personal-training company that works with athletes to improve their speed and strength. When he is not working with athletes, Harmon is at home playing the role of father to his two boys and young daughter. In addition, he has taken up mountain biking as a hobby. Does that keep him in peak condition, he was asked. "I don't know about peak condition, because my hips aren't that great, but taking up biking has been great for staying in shape. I also work out a lot and stay in the weight room. [snickers] Gotta keep the abs looking great for the wife, you know?"

Eagles memory: Playing alongside a cast of characters immediately came to mind. Rooming with the late Jerome Brown in his rookie season was regarded as his fondest. "So many characters, so many good players," Harmon says, laughing. "I mean you had Reggie [White], The Fridge [William Perry], Jim [McMahon], Randall [Cunningham]; just a lot of interesting personalities that made the locker room a lot of fun. But, for me, having Jerome as my roommate in my rookie season is really an experience I won't forget."

Perspective on today's game: "Being a tackle my size today is unheard of,. I mean, guys today are just so much bigger and faster," says Harmon, whose playing weight was 278 pounds. "Also, these guys coming out of college are making so much money than we were back then. Some of the contracts you hear these rookies are getting is just insane."

- Kerith Gabriel