No. 1 (Tea Olive): par 4, 455 yards

No. 2 (Pink Dogwood): par 5, 575 yards

No. 3 (Flowering Peach): par 4, 350 yards

No. 4 (Flowering Crab Apple): par 3, 240 yards

No. 5 (Magnolia): par 4, 455 yards

No. 6 (Juniper): par 3, 180 yards

No. 7 (Pampas): par 4, 450 yards

No. 8 (Yellow Jasmine): par 5, 570 yards

No. 9 (Carolina Cherry): par 4, 460 yards

Out: - par 36, 3,735 yards

No. 10 (Camellia): par 4, 495 yards

No. 11 (White Dogwood): par 4, 505 yards

No. 12 (Golden Bell): par 3, 155 yards

No. 13 (Azalea): par 5, 510 yards

No. 14 (Chinese Fir): par 4, 440 yards

No. 15 (Firethorn): par 5, 530 yards

No. 16 (Redbud): par 3, 170 yards

No. 17 (Nandina): par 4, 440 yards

No. 18 (Holly): par 4, 465 yards

In: par 36, 3,710 yards

Total: par 72, 7,445 yards

Different looks

The seventh used to be one of the few breathers on the front nine. That's hardly the case any longer, now that it has been lengthened and extra trees were added to both sides of the fairway. In 2005, it played as the 12th hardest. Last year it ranked sixth. Quite a difference. It didn't help that the green has new grass to create a new right-rear pin position. Phil Mickelson might have won the tourney here, going 4-4-4-3. In Round 2 he made a 12-foot put to save par, and on Sunday he hit a 9-iron to 8 feet.

The 11th was always difficult, mostly because of the water guarding the left half of the green. Now, at 505 yards, it's a monster. So, did they really have to use trees to tighten an already narrow fairway? It was the toughest hole, shockingly, with six birds, 86 bogeys, 19 doubles and four of those dreaded others. Mickelson played it in 5-5-5-4. Sergio Garcia played it 5-6-7-4. Charles Howell III made a 9, because he needed four shots to get out of a bunker. Is that any way to treat an Augusta native?

And 17 once presented a pretty decent birdie op. But it has been stretched out twice since 1999. Tim Clark took a bogey and a double there, in rounds one and three. It might have cost him a jacket. Historically the 10th toughest hole, it now checks in at No. 2.


According to Golf magazine, of all the tee shots at the 155-yard par-3 12th last year, nearly as many players missed the green (136) as found it (138). Of the misses, four went in the water, 15 hit the front bank and rolled back into the water, 15 landed in back bunkers, 23 went in the front bunker, 34 stayed on the fringe and 45 went into the deep stuff behind the green.