Giving good Twitter vs. Twitter disaster

Bill Murray, now, he knows how to work the Twitterverse! He was seen on the links, as "SideShow" reported, in blinding Pabst Blue Ribbon checked pants, crazy-weird sweater, and hot-pink "Big Hitter" T-shirt, with a crosslegged Dalai Lama bearing what looks like a 3 wood. Tweeters are in ecstasies all over the world. Not so good for Stephen Colbert. The Colbert Report account (which Stephen doesn't run) put out a tweet many felt was racist against Asians. (It's complicated and not worth explaining.) Rage exploded, and the hashtag #CancelColbert erupted. Colbert himself, from his personal account, said he, too, was outraged.

It's very good to be Cameron Diaz, OK? OK

Cameron Diaz, now, she knows how to work the celebrity-industrial complex. "All women," she tells the mag Glamour UK, "have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point." And, we imagine, many men, no?