I am writing to you on my 87th birthday to thank you for what you have done for my late husband and me. The thought of paying for our grandchildren's college education never entered our minds until you recommended it when they were toddlers. We knew that we were going to pay for the college education of our children . . . but grandchildren? Now, they are out of college and doing well. Great-grandchildren didn't yet exist when my husband died, so no provision was made. Now we have three. Today, I signed a trust agreement that my lawyer drew up to cover all of them, no matter how many. He said that what I was doing was just wonderful, and he told me that he was at a number of seminars where you were a lead speaker some years ago. I am fortunate to be financially able to make this birthday present available for kids whose thoughts today entangle with the latest smartphone. Again, thanks for the idea.

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Education, particularly of next generations, has always been a priority for my wife and me. We have a number of friends who have made such provisions in their wills, and we told them how pleased we are with their decision. On the other side, we have seen youngsters struggling with tons of debt when they finally get their degrees. Thank you!

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