Brenda Carter Age: 59. I turn 60 in September! Where ya from? 23rd and Moore streets, but I've lived in Norristown for the last 15 years. Where we found ya: Wharton Square Park, 24th and Reed streets. What brought you back? The peace march, and I had a meeting at my church [the Church of Redeemer Baptist]. I still come to South Philly a lot. What did you like most about living in South Philly? The community. It was like family. Everybody looked out for everybody, and that's what we're trying to get back to. Favorite places to go? The Church of Redeemer. And the [Wharton Square] park. I come down every week for "Oldies in the Park." What do you do? I'm a retired beautician. - David Gambacorta