HEY, litter critters!

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LET'S PLAY 'WHO CLEANS THAT LOT?': My last adventure took me to Broad Street and Washington Avenue, where a vacant lot on one corner and a parking lot on another have been used as dumping grounds.

Natixis Real Estate, based in New York City, owns the northeast corner of the intersection, and the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation owns the northwest corner.

Bridget Collins-Greenwald, city deputy managing director, said that since the lots were featured in the Daily News, they've been inspected, the owners have been notified and the lots will be checked again on July 6.

If nothing is done by then, the city will clean the lots and the property owners will be billed for the cost.

Calls to Natixis weren't returned.

Tom Dalfo, vice president at PIDC, said that the corporation leases the parking lot to the Rock School for Dance Education, across Washington Avenue.

Dalfo said that PIDC was unaware of complaints about the parking lot and that the school is supposed to maintain the parking lot as part of its lease agreement with PIDC.

"If they don't, then we'll do it - then we'll take the issue up with them," Dalfo said. "We're not looking to add to the problem."

So, Natixis and PIDC, you've got the city, neighbors and yours truly watching to see how you handle this.

The clock is ticking.

TIRED OF TIRES?: If you want to do your part to beautify the city, while earning some money for your community group, register for the Streets Department Tire Round Up Program by 5 p.m. tomorrow. Registered block groups, civic associations, town-watch groups and other organizations can earn 50 cents for every illegally discarded tire they turn in, beginning July 16.

To be eligible, discarded tires must be removed from sidewalks, alleys, parks and other public places where they've been left lying around.

The Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee - which says that, on top of being just plain ugly, old tires pose safety risks such as potential for fires - will collect the tires from two drop-off locations every Saturday between July 16 and Aug. 20. To register, call the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee at 215-685-3981.