The crazy-man routine put on by Jose Carrasquillo in a Philadelphia courtroom yesterday delayed his sentencing hearing by an hour and angered the judge - but in the end he was sent packing for 30 to 66 years.

Before Common Pleas Judge Ramy Djerassi handed Carrasquillo that sentence for savagely raping an 11-year-old girl and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl on June 1, 2009, the bearded defendant started to babble and asked to be given a "polyester-graph" test.

"I knew I wouldn't get a fair trial," he said. "The court needs to know, in 2002 I was locked up and an event occurred and the anti-Christ came out of me and it may sound crazy, but the CIA came to me and tried to cover it up."

Carrasquillo added that government agents had asked him to go to China to assassinate that country's president and that he had been framed.

"I did not commit this crime," he said, before asking the judge to withdraw the guilty plea he entered on Aug. 11.

Djerassi later denied his request, saying that it would be a substantial burden on the victim to have to testify two years later. Djerassi also said that he believed Carrasquillo to be competent and aware of what was happening.

"You are a very sick monster and I'm glad I took you off the street before you got another innocent little girl," the now 13-year-old girl said in a victim-impact statement played in court. "I am going to speak in schools, after-school programs, etc., to get these parents aware to watch out for sick pedophiles like you."

Her parents and maternal grandmother seethed at Carrasquillo while delivering their statements. They spoke of how the girl's grades had dropped since the attack and of how she is afraid to do things that were once routine, like walking to the store.

"All I have to say to you is, I hate you," said the girl's mother, a rape victim herself, adding that she now must cope with her daughter's having been assaulted. "You ruined my family; you ruined my daughter. I hope you die in prison."

Her father told Carrasquillo that he had cried because he had not found the rapist, who, after police released his name and photograph, was spotted by an angry group of men, beaten and held for the police.

"I told him through the media that I was coming to get him," the father said after the hearing. "Now it's his time to face hell. He danced with the devil; now he has to pay the price."

Assistant District Attorney Catharine Thurston, in pressing for a sentence of 66 to 132 years, noted that Carrasquillo had been arrested nine times and convicted six times.

Defense attorney Constance Clarke, in asking for a 20- to 40-year term, presented evidence that Carrasquillo is brain- damaged, that he is a drug addict and that his youth was scarred by a drug-addicted mother and other relatives who raped, abused and prostituted him before he was placed in foster care.

Carrasquillo saw the rape victim as she walked her 4-year-old sister to a Kensington day-care center, police said. After she dropped the younger girl off, Carrasquillo pulled her into an alley and repeatedly raped her.

He told police he attacked the girl, who is black, because of his hatred for blacks and because he was high from drugs he'd used the night before.