A conversation between K9s Rex and Britt.

Britt: Yo, chief, I hear you're retiring this year.

Rex: Look at how gray I'm getting. Terry says I've done my time.

Britt: You put in for DROP?

Rex: Don't be a wise guy.

Britt: How do you feel about it?

Rex: I love working with Terry, walking the airport sniffing for stuff. But what Terry says, goes. You know we live to please our handlers.

Britt: You just going to lay around the house all day?

Rex: I'll hang with the cats.

Britt: Did you say "cats"?

Rex: Yeah. Terry's got two. We get along, but they're a couple of useless nimrods. All they do is sleep. You know what I'll miss on the job?

Britt: What?

Rex: Playing with Kong. That thing just drives me nuts.

Britt: You know what I won't miss?

Rex: What's that?

Britt: Your constant barking whenever Terry puts you in the Explorer. What's up with that? Why don't you just lie down and chill, like I do?

Rex: What's the big deal?

Britt: Gets on my last nerve.

Rex: It's great TSA lets us retire with the people we love. I transition from Terry's partner to his pet.

Britt: I think Jim's got the same plan for me. Still get the same meals, fun and vet care. And they call it a dog's life.

- Interpreted by Stu Bykofsky