A West Philly home invasion turned deadly when a young couple was found dead Saturday morning, shot in the back of the head execution-style, according to police.

Jonathan Pitts, 21, and Nakeisha Finks, 20, were found with their hands and ankles duct-taped inside their home on Delancey Street near 55th. They had been shot in the back of their heads and were lying on the bed of the second-floor front bedroom.

Police were called to the residence and found Pitts and Finks in the ransacked house. The invasion appears to have included a robbery, but investigators declined to say what was taken from the home.

Investigators were determining when the crime occurred, but it was clear that the bodies "had been there for some time," said Lt. Frank Vanore, Police Department spokesman.

He said that investigators believe that the point of entry was a "window of some kind."

The couple had a history of violent confrontations, police said.

Neighbor Roslyn Sample told WPVI-TV that Pitts grew up on the block and was always respectful to elders.

"We don't have that type of violence on our block - we have a lot of elderly citizens and we try to be a close-knit block," Sample said.

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact police at 215-686-3334, 3335 or 3336.


A headline and story in yesterday's Daily News misidentified the location of an apparent home invasion that left a young couple dead Saturday morning. The pair was slain in West Philadelphia.