It's still early to say what blooms will be on display at the 2017 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, but tulips are a safe bet. The theme of the show is "Holland."

After this year's theme - a mind-bender for florists and landscapers trying to reconcile their national park-themed assignments with the tastes of visitors and potential customers - it may feel like a return to familiar ground. It should lend itself to relatable and colorful flower displays the way past themes such as Paris (2011) and Hawaii (2012) did.

But spokesman Alan Jaffe said the show will be more than tulips, focusing on innovative Dutch landscape architecture and showcasing the country's top designers as well as its history, art, and culture.

Another big change: The show, traditionally an unseasonably early dose of spring, will start a week later than it has since 1990, running from March 11 to 19.

- Samantha Melamed