The silhouette has come a long way since its 18th-century origins - these fine figures now adorn everything from pillows to plates. - Caroline Tiger

Lay down your head
A trio of profiles is striking on a Natural Line Silhouette Pillow ($40). Available at

Flower power
The graphic 3-by-5-foot Silhouette Flower Printed Rug ($34) makes a bold statement in a small space. Available at Urban Outfitters, 1627 Walnut St. and

Memory keeper
Take a snapshot in time of a loved one via Jessica Rust's Silhouette China ($120 per plate). Available at

Familiar stickup
The sky's the limit with these Custom Silhouette Wall Decals (starting at $40) - from a company that allows you to turn a someone into wall art or memorialize the whole crew. Available at

Pretty perch
Add cheer to any room with the Orange Chair Silhouette print ($25), one in Florida-based artist Anne Harwell's colorful series of antique and designer chairs. Available at annechovie.

Sexy silhouettes
Find the forest nymphs rising from the leaves in SUM Design's Floral Femme Fatale Silhouette Wallpaper ($155 per panel). Available at Colonial Wallpaper, 707 E. Passyunk Ave.

Tool time
These vivid "Kitchen" Tea Towels ($20) look like childhood primers on kitchen tools. Available at

Caroline Tiger is a Philadelphia writer. Visit her design blog at