When Lithe Method launched in 2005, Lauren Boggi made herself a permanent fixture on Philadelphia's fitness scene. Now she's expanding her reach into the homes of fitness enthusiasts across the country with Lauren Boggi Active, an online, virtual studio for at-home or on-the-go exercising.

"Over the past few years I've received an incredible amount of requests to take my Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting technique online in a way that allows me to use my gift as a fitness artist, and design content for people worldwide," Boggi told Philly.com.

LB Active provides downloadable 12-15 minute workouts from an on-demand digital library. Users can also join Studio LB, a streaming service based on her patented Cardio-Cheer Sculpting (CCS) method.

If you are a CCS newbie, Boggi describes it as a "total body workout combining the dynamic cardio of cheer-based choreography with the grounded sculpting of cheer-based conditioning."

Every Monday, Boggi debuts two new 45-minute workouts on Studio LB. The workouts are available for only seven days to keep things fresh.

"The workouts can be done as little as once per week, but for the best results, I suggest doing each video two to three times per week," Boggi said. "Users of all levels, whether you're a beginner or advanced, can expect to sweat and be challenged."

Boggi emphasizes that Studio LB offers a different experience than her in-studio Lithe Method classes in Rittenhouse, Old City and on the Main Line. For Boggi, Lithe Method is not just a group fitness program, but an entire philosophy and community that she said some would call a cult.

When developing workouts and moves for LB Active, Boggi said she focused primarily on the at-home user experience.

"They have nobody watching them, correcting them; they don't have that pack mentality driving the workout experience," Boggi said. "They have to find their strength. They need that cheerleader. The cheer factor is translated so differently."

Boggi hopes that the impact of the transformative results she saw through her Instagram challenges over the last year can be magnified through LB Active's workout options and amazing online community.

"It's such an honor to be an integral part of so many lives," Boggi said. "My hope is that LB Active continues to grow internationally and give people a unique workout, incredible variety, and results that they haven't experienced before."

To become a member of Studio LB, visits laurenboggiactive.com. The first month is only $19.97 with code LBActive and $39.95 a month after that.