Age: 29.

Job: "I'm a registered nurse. That means when a patient introduces to me their family, they said, 'This is Tarik. He's my male nurse.'"

Ya gotta laugh: "Sometimes I tell people, 'My name is Tarik. I'm your nurse.' And people will say, 'My doctor just walked in the room.'"

Neighborhood: Fox Chase.

If his love life were a reality TV show, it would be: "Superbad."

Why he's single: "I haven't found the right person yet, and I've been dumped a few times. Beauty isn't everything. When somebody has passion and somebody has confidence, which is sexy, and when somebody has a big heart, that's rare."

Who's responsible: "I nominated myself. I thought that if [Chris] Booker won last year, I had a shot at this thing."

Claim to fame: "I sold a bag of weed to Kevin Eubanks for a skit for 'The Tonight Show.'"

How he gives back: "I buy toys through the year at Ross or Marshalls, and at the end of the year, I just donate them. I read about someone who did that. Maybe it's because I didn't have kids. I just want to buy toys."

Likes Philly gals: "Women from Philadelphia are down-to-earth, beautiful and have a wonderful accent. Plus, a surprisingly high number of Philly women enjoy watching Philly sports."

Fresh Ink: He was on the student staff of a weekly section for high schoolers published by the Daily News.

Yes we can: "I volunteered on [Sen. Barack Obama's] campaign for, like, a month before the election...I registered 22 people to vote and probably knocked on 500 doors and spoke to 500 people just to try to convince them to register to vote."

Obama moment: "I got to meet him. I got to hug him...I was, like, 'Sen. Obama, can I get a hug?' He said, 'Come on, man, are you kidding me?' Then he laughed and gave me a hug."