Age: 30.

Job: Weekend radio personality for Power 99.

Education: Central High 255 and Temple University.

Marital status: Single.

Children: "One remarkable mini-me, Miss Nina."

If her love life were a reality TV show it would be: "I Do Really Really Well, Watch!"

About her: "I found over the past year that the most passionate, exciting moments happen when I'm enjoying simply talking to and spending time with interesting people. I love to laugh hard, and my family and I share time often just laughing and talking. Politics and socioeconomic issues."

Spontaneous combustion: "I have actually never dated in Philadelphia. My past prospects have been a close friend with whom the right moment and chemistry changed everything instantly. Dating? That would be a brand-new experience!"

What she's looking for in a guy: "Technique," among other things. "I've been 'caught' by deep eyes from time to time."

E-mail: or

Clothes: Leehe Fai.