Age: 33.

Neighborhood: East Falls.

Job: Actress, cosmetic model and makeup artist.

What she's looking for: "I desire a mate that is a true friend! I want us to sharpen each other. I want a man who is rich in love and desires to belong to me and for me to him for life."

Children: None.

If your love life were a reality TV show, what would it be: "What Episode of My Life is This?"

Perfect date: "I would love an all-day-long date, starting in the morning after a great breakfast on the beach. A day of fun water activities. At noon, a beachfront massage, [followed by] a night of dancing and maybe a good night's sleep on the beach."

Claim to fame: "I am an actress and was originally cast as Wendy Williams in the upcoming film, 'Queen of all Media.' Well, you know Hollywood! Robin Givens was given my part."

Sorority girl: She's an Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Work it: "What make me sexy is the love and respect I have for myself. I like to nourish my mind, body and soul. Without the three in one accord, it would be very hard to exude confidence, and we all know confidence is quite sexy! I am not just a showgirl. I hold a B.A. in journalism from Temple University and an M.A. in education from Saint Joseph's University. Beauty and brains have never been said to be a bad mix."

Her impression of the local dating scene: "There needs to be an outlet for many of us to come together without putting up a front."