Age: 48.

Neighborhood: Penn Valley.

Job: Personal trainer.

Marital status: Single.

Children: None.

Back in the day: Grew up in Roxborough; used to DJ at Morgan's; former cocktail waitress at Whispers.

Missed her calling: "I probably should have been a sex therapist. When I go out, I ask guys, 'Do you know where a woman's G-spot is?'...Most of my friends come to me because I can answer any question about sex or relationships. And I'm open enough to say anything."

Wanted: A romantic man with integrity, confidence and good character who's also sexy and fit.

If her life were a reality TV show, it would be: "The Process of Elimination and Then Some."

Claim to fame: "Being fit and fabulous."

Where we met her: At a "Sex and the City" happy hour sponsored by the Daily News and Vitamin Water at O.N.E.

What she thinks of the local dating scene: "Too many choices and not enough serious options."

Special desire: "I would love to learn Italian."

Clothes: California Sunshine.