Age: 54.

Job: Dental-office manager.

Neighborhood: Elkins Park.

Marital status: Divorced.

Philly gal: Grew up at 2nd and Ritner streets. Her father, Henry, was a tailor known for making Mummers costumes.

Proud mom: To four successful young adults: Gavin and Joshua, 21; Michael, 15; and Heather, 26.

Ready, set, go: "I'm looking for someone who will let me be me, and they can be them, and we can be wonderful."

What's up with fellas: "They're intimidated by me. I have no clue what it is. I'm not really sure."

Dating in 2008: "With the world of computers, it's easy to look elsewhere and think that the grass is greater elsewhere. Unfortunately, our generation is creating this supply of single people. With a click of a computer, you're on a million different Web sites."

Age is just a number: "I would like to have someone in the same spirit as I am. Age appropriate but very young at heart. My stepbrother says I should date younger guys because the older ones, I'll kill them. If they die, they die."

Clothing: The Gem'n'i.