Nutty and nutritious

Finally - peanut butter you can eat by the spoonful, minus the aftertaste of guilt. With 85 percent of the fat calories pressed out, PB2, made of roasted peanuts, sugar, and salt, can be mixed with water to create the perfect, low-cal alternative to regular peanut butter. And you can use it to make yummy (and nutty) recipes like green PB2 and banana smoothies or Asian peanut noodles. But a few spoonfuls is just fine, too.

- Michelle Dembo
PB2, $3.99 per 6.5-ounce jar or $15.96 for 4-pack, at GNC or online at

Calligraphy on a coaster

These coasters do more than protect your coffee table. Perfect for writing notes as you drink, doodling, or using as placecards, write-on, wipe-off Coaster Notz by Modern-twist are the coasters of today. They are made of silicone, and free of BPA, lead, latex, and phthalates. The packaging is even made from recycled material. Enjoy a cocktail or a cup of joe on these fun and Earth-friendly coasters.

- M.D.
Coaster Notz, from $14 to $23 for a 4-pack, at