"Hot dogs are like marks of each city," says Keith Garabedian, chef and co-owner of Hot Diggity, and that idea was his starting point in dreaming up the regional menu for his weeks-old hot dog shop on South Street.

His favorite is the Big Kahuna: a juicy, slow-cooked, all-beef Sabrette frank topped with pineapple salsa, guava mustard, and habanero aioli.

Don't knock the Seattle Grunge, which is slathered in garlic cream cheese, until you've tried it. Traditionalists can order the Bronx Bomber, sauced with spicy brown mustard, kraut, and red onion.

The paper cone that holds the pudgy, hand-cut fries slides into holes in the communal tables, freeing up all 10 of your digits for efficient dog downing.

- Ashley Primis
Big Kahuna, $5.50, Bronx Bomber, $5; Hot Diggity, 630 South St., 267-886-9253, thehotdiggity.com