Worth the trip

We've all heard the reasons for including almonds in our diets, and these terrific nuts from Trader Joe's make that easy to do. Dry roasted to a perfect crunch, with a light sprinkling of salt (60 milligrams per 1/4 cup), these are among the best almonds I've tasted - in fact, they are


reason for stopping in every couple of weeks, to stock up.

Trader Joe's 50 Percent Less Salt Dry Roasted Almonds, $4.69 for 16 ounces, at Trader Joe's, 2121 Market St., 215-569-9282.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

At the ready

How many times have you been caught at the checkout line without your reusable grocery bags? Stick one of these foldable totes in your pocketbook or coat pocket and you'll have at least one when the checker asks, "Paper or plastic?"

Take Me Tote, $2.99 at Wegman's and other grocery stores.

- M.F.

Save money and the earth

If you haven't yet abandoned bottled water, this reusable bottle may help get you there. The durable CamelBak design is spillproof, BPA free, easy to carry, and easy to drink from with a flip-up straw. Great for biking, hiking, soccer practice and even commuting; it fits most automobile cup holders. And the price is right.

CamelBak Classic Water Bottle, $10, 750 ml., at L.L. Bean, the Promenade, Route 73 South, Marlton, 856-810-5560.

- M.F.