Timeless peeler

Charmingly low-tech but surprisingly efficient, this old-school gadget from Norpro is still the fastest way to peel, core and slice a bushel of apples. Just stick the suction-cup base to the counter, fix an apple onto the prongs and turn the hand crank: a peeled apple slinky emerges within seconds on the other end, ready to spring into your pies or sauce.

The Norpro apple peeler-corer costs $28 at Williams-Sonoma.

- Craig LaBan
A dash of Joe

After-dinner coffee has long been sweetened with a pour of Baileys Irish Cream. Now the folks at Baileys have decided to pour some coffee into their blend of Irish whiskey and fresh double cream. The result: A classic after-supper sipper, lovely served over ice.

Baileys with a hint of coffee, $18.99 per 750 ml bottle, available at liquor stores.

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Ghostly fun

Create a new Halloween tradition with homemade cookies cut into spooky shapes. Lots of room for decorating, with these four-inch cookie cutters.

Halloween cookie cutters, $2.95 each, from Crate and Barrel stores, or www.crateandbarrel.com.

- M.F.