Recycled but rustic

Eco-friendly wine-drinkers can feel good about enjoying their favorite vino in these recycled glass goblets and the matching decanter. The glasses double as parfait dishes, perfect for desserts or fruit salad.

Wine decanter and four goblets, $98. Available from Viva Terra at

- Barry Zukerman

Cream cheese with tang

Goat milk producer Meyenberg has branched out with yet another new product: goat-milk cream cheese. Made with rich goat cream, it has a smooth texture, and a flavor reminiscent of chevre, a sophisticated spread for your bagel.

Meyenberg Beyond Traditional and garlic-and-chive goat cream cheese, $5.99 per 6-ounce tub; from Meyenberg at 1-800-891-4628.

- B.Z.

Scrub up in style

Say good-bye to chapped hands and struggles scouring pots. These new dishwashing gloves come with sponges built into the palm and fingers. In five color patterns, including this snappy leopard print. Eat your heart out, Madge!

LushLife sponge gloves, $14.99. Available at Kitchen Kapers stores and

- B.Z.