For decades, fans of Zerbe's potato chips found them primarily in stores and at farm stands in Lancaster County, where the snacks are made. But in recent years, the crunchy chips have begun working their way east, appearing in a handful of retail locations, like Phoenixville and even Philadelphia, where they're sold at Riverwards produce in Fishtown.

Of course, the family-owned Adamstown, Pa., company also sells the chips online, both the kettle-cooked and the russet variety, known as "Zerbe dark." The chips are hand-seasoned and come in several classic flavors, like barbecue and salt and vinegar.

The kettle-cooked chips, which can be bought in small snack-sized bags at Riverwards, are thick and curved, with a satisfying crunch and a well-balanced dusting of salt. The chips also taste fresher, lighter, and less greasy than many mass-produced competitors.

Zerbe's Potato Chips, $1.25 for a 1½-ounce bag at Riverwards Produce, 2200 E. Norris St., $12 for three 9-ounce bags at