The Vesper Club - an old-guard piece of Philly dining history dating to 1901 - is now without a home.

It was booted from its Center City home a few months ago when its building went on the market. The Vesper was offered space across Sydenham Street, at the Racquet Club, but the relationship quickly grew frosty after the Racquet Club instituted a smoking ban, as I reported in December.

Now comes an email dated Dec. 28 that reads: "We are very sorry to report that our relationship with the Racquet Club has been terminated by them, effective midday on December 31st. Vesper Club members will not be welcome at the RC after that time.  The VC Board is still trying to find an alternate location and more details on that and the future of the VC will follow. Thank you for your continued loyalty during this difficult time."

Club treasurer Ed Rhodes confirmed that a search is ongoing.