Company description: "They're made with Rita's famous Old Fashioned Frozen Custard sandwiched between two delicious Oreo Cookie Wafers, and are available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry and Vanilla/Chocolate Twist. Also available with Rainbow Sprinkles and Mini Chocolate Chips!"

Location: 1356 E. Passyunk Ave.

Order time: One minute. Or so.

Cost: $7.54 including tax for a four-pack of sandwiches.

Calories: Approx. 250, 90 of them from the 10g of fat. Saturated fat is 4g. There's no trans fat. The 30mgs of cholesterol isn't too bad and you also get 4g of protein.

Review: The sandwiches are sold four at a time and are made to order, but we were unfamiliar with the drill. We ordered the basic flavors, but also coffee and strawberry, the latter served with rainbow sprinkles. One of the Rita's employees asked where we lived because the treats were borderline melting. This delish dessert starts and ends with the crisp, never-faltering but always-strong chocolatey taste of the Oreo cookie. The custard is a refreshing delight. Our favorite was the strawberry and Oreo combo, a scrumptious pairing. Another gang member called her coffee and Oreo combo "awesome" in addition to "very messy, but really tasty." A third was impressed with the cookie, which "was surprisingly fresh and crunchy, even after more than an hour with melting ice cream on it." He had contrasting opinions on the custards: He called the vanilla custard "fairly bland, but the strawberry was incredible, tasted like summer."

Summary: In 1984, former Philadelphia firefighter Bob Tumolo opened the first Rita's, in Bensalem. He named the establishment after his wife. McKnight Capital Partners, a private-equity group, bought Rita's Franchise Co. in 2005 and, six years later, a controlling interest was sold to Falconhead Capital LLC. There are 625 Rita's in 20 states.

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