Company description: "A 1/4lb. of savory flame-broiled beef, topped with naturally smoked thick-cut bacon, pepper jack cheese, freshly cut iceberg lettuce, red onions and ripe tomatoes, smothered with a sweet southern sauce and the tang of Carolina BBQ sauce, all on a warm, toasted sesame seed bun. Limited time only."

Chain: Burger King.

Calories: 760, with 42 grams of fat, 16 grams of saturated fat, 100 mgs of cholesterol, 1,620 mgs of salt and 36 grams of protein.

Location: Gallery Mall.

Order time: 3 minutes.

Price: $5.09 (sandwich only).

Review: Here's the problem with the typical fast-food hamburger: With burger joints like 500 Degrees and Shake Shack now in Philadelphia, you can get a much better burger for not much more than BK's $5 price point.

The King is pushing two new Whoppers this summer, the Carolina and the Texas. The Chain Gang tried both and liked the Carolina better, mostly because of the bacon - although on one of our burgers the bacon was undercooked.

State debate: The primary difference in the Whoppers, besides the bacon, is that the Carolina sauce is lightly colored and sweet, while the Texas has a tangier reddish sauce. Neither has much kick. Also, the Texas burger comes with American cheese.

Sweet fries: BK's new Sweet Potato Fries ($2.59 for a large) are definitely sweet (like a sweet potato pie) and have only marginally fewer calories (but more sugar) than regular fries.

Summary: If you're a BK fan partial to Whoppers, the Carolina sandwich is an acceptable change of pace.

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