"Last year's Super Bowl was insane," says Rachael Ray to fellow Food Network star Sunny Anderson in an upcoming episode of The Rachael Ray Show, airing tomorrow at 10 a.m.

"So crazy. I still watch it on my DVR, just hoping and praying that one day in my next life, I will be a football player," responds Anderson.

An avid football fan, Anderson recently took a trip to the Lincoln Financial Field, where she drew inspiration for a game-day recipe you'll find her cooking up alongside Ray on tomorrow's show. It's a strawberry-bacon rendition of chicken drumsticks, an idea that was created after spending time with not Carson Went, nor Nick Foles, but the Eagles' 20-plus musician drumline.

"They'll never let me on the team playing, but there was kind of a way I did make 'the team',"  Anderson jokes with Rachael.

Out on the field, the drummers taught Anderson a few basic beats, using the words "strawberry" and "bacon" to help set the rhythm. Anderson was surprised at how well she picked up the drumming:

The Eagles' drumline is an officially sanctioned musical group employed by the Eagles. Members, many with day jobs like music teacher or high school band instructor, carry out the snare, tenor drum, bass, and cymbal notes that set the hype-building soundtrack for each home game.

Tune in tomorrow to 6ABC to catch the entire Rachael Ray Show segment at 10 a.m.