Nathan Morris, one of the founding members of Boyz II Men, is taking a hiatus from singing, in favor of a much different vocation — house flipping.

There are many shows whose premise involves flipping — or buying houses, renovating them and selling them for more money than their previous value. Flip or Flop is famous, but there's also Desert Flippers, Five Day Flip, Vintage Flip, My Flippin' Family, or Philly Street Flippin'.

Even rapper Vanilla Ice has a house-flipping show: The Vanilla Ice Project.

But Hit Properties with Nathan Morris, a new DIY network miniseries, is the only show that can boast a Grammy-winning, CAPA grad as its intrepid flipper.

Morris' four-part series premieres on Saturday, October 6 at 10:30 p.m.

"On the business side, I've invested in some lucrative real estate deals, and, on the personal side, I've done some construction, renovating and designing," said the singer in a release. He will put this experience to the test on the show, which follows his "odyssey" transforming a decrepit Florida mansion into a "grand showplace."

Morris' taste err toward glamour — the Orlando house he is flipping will be retrofitted with "smart home upgrades" like "remote-controlled toilets, WiFi enabled lighting and mirror TVs." It won't be all glamour, however. Morris' crew also encounters obstacles like "a Category 2 hurricane, a costly plumbing leak and the consequences of new landscaping devoured by wildlife."

Morris, whose Philly group first became famous for their hit single, "Motownphilly," is not giving up his musical career any time soon. Boyz II Men released their latest album, Under the Streetlight, last year. They were also recently featured in a Charlie Puth's song, "If You Leave Me Now." Morris and the band are also currently on tour with Bruno Mars. They hit the Wells Fargo Center for a two nights Sept. 19 and 20.