Age: 31.

Job: High school teacher. "I teach history and world culture."

How he gets through to kids: "You have to make it fun, because if you don't make it fun, you're going to lose them."

Who he wants to make happy: "An athletic woman who likes to travel, laugh and have a good time doing so."

Lonely guy: "I've been single for two years. I need to find somebody. Preferably it would be a teacher because she'd have the summer off."

Background: "I grew up with my mom, who was a waitress. My dad, I never knew him....The majority of the kids I teach do not live with both parents."

Wing Bowl memories: "I took 11th out of 25 people. I had the record for the Wing Off. I ate, like, 68 wings in 10 minutes."

Plans for the future: "I'm not going to teach forever. I would like to be a principal."

Clothes: Blazer by Distante, slacks, The Gap.