Philly-based indie rocker Kurt Vile is back with his first new music in three years, and he's here to teach you how he beats the Philadelphia Parking Authority using loading zones to temporarily stash his car.

Dubbed, of course, "Loading Zones," the track was released yesterday, and features a music video in which Vile rides around Philadelphia avoiding enraged meter maids played by Pissed Jeans' Matt Korvette and Goodfellas actor Kevin Corrigan. Vile last released Lotta Sea Lice, a studio album with Australian singer Courtney Barnett, last year, and b'lieve I'm goin down…, his last solo work, in 2015.

In the video for the track, directed by Drew Saracco, Vile shows that he knows the pain of parking a car in Philadelphia, and uses the song to explain how loading zones in the city come in handy when trying to do so. Naturally, he moves from loading zone to loading zone throughout his neighborhood, parking his old Chrysler convertible wherever he can fit it.

"I park for free," Vile sings on the track.

To promote the song, Vile updated his website to include a mockup of a parking ticket, in which the video is embedded.

Despite the new track, Vile has not yet announced a new album. However, record company Matador has organized a "Vile '18" ad campaign in April, adding fuel to rumors that something larger is in the works.

In the mean time, Vile plans to launch a world tour in the fall that will take him from Hamburg, Germany in October to Chicago by the end of December.